The Gold Standard In Commercial Pots and Planters


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The Gold Standard In Commercial Pots and Planters


You may also be interested in:

Pots Wholesale Direct


Supplying Commercial Pots in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Australia Wide

Commercial Pots and Planters is redefining the garden pot industry by providing the products you need quickly and easily, allowing you to get your large scale development project finalised. Offering the best quality commercial pots and planters in the industry, we supply a range of glass reinforced concrete (GRC) planters, delivering Australia wide. 

Commercial Pots and Planters has supplied commercial  GRC pots and planters to some of the biggest construction projects and landscaping projects, helping developers and landscapers meet their budgets while building long-lasting relationships. We are a leading GRC pots supplier Australia wide. 

At Commercial Pots and Planters we know that there is a real need for custom sized pots and planters, particularly around new developments and for retail centres looking to overhaul their look.  Whatever the size of your development or landscaping project, we can design and make custom sized pot planters that suit your needs. Each pot can be coloured in any custom Australian Dulux colour option for the ultimate in long lasting durability and unbeatable quality in harsh Australian UV conditions., We even have .DWG files that you can drop into your next architectural drawing or landscape plan to ensure you get the right commercial pot and planter measurements.

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GRC Planters and Pots

See our GRC Pots and Planters by clicking the images below. Lots of popular shapes and sizes available including technical specifications and .dwg files to make it convenient for architects or commercial builders.

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We Make Your Next Commercial Project Easy

Gold Standard in Quality

Every Pot and planter produced is done so with a high attention to detail, experienced trades people and years of experience to ensure your pot planter arrives and exceeds your definition of Quality.

Over 25 Years Experience

Over 25 Years Commercial Pots Industry Experience providing commercial grade pots and planters. We can offer insight and advice on your next commercial project.

Best Price Guarantee

We offer a best price guarantee for like for like items and will work with you on any order to ensure you are looked after. We don't stop until you are happy and we operate on some of the lowest margins in the industry.

Custom Pot Planter Sizes

Any Pot Planter Size Your Require For Your Next Commercial Job. We can match competitor sizes for better prices or make your own special size.

Custom Dulux Pot Colours

Any Australian Dulux Colour To Match Your Project Colour Scheme. Best of all Dulux paints durability is far greater than competitor paints. Perfect for harsh Australian conditions, the same grade used on commercial buildings!


Chances are we have it in stock taking away long lead times and getting your job done quickly. Delivered Australia wide to Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and everywhere in between.

Lead Time

Our lead times are the best in the industry. Custom orders completed in anywhere from only 2 weeks for items in stock up to 7-12 weeks for custom ordered sizes depending on production schedules.


Our Massive Quality range makes us a stand out, from commercial planter shapes and colours perfect for that next apartment complex, or shopping complex, through to bespoke designs for the high end designer. Big names like GRC, Atlantis, Lightweight Terrazzo, StoneLite, Glazed, Fountains and more

Australian Owned and Operated

We are 100% owned and operated business inside of Australia. Our high end commercial staff are trained in the best industry practices and will guide you to the best quality outcomes for your clients.

Building Relationships

Our focus is firmly on building long lasting commercial relationships with industry leaders. We aren't about one off sales and are firmly focused on strong service and lasting impressions. Your happiness is our number 1 priority.

Hear From Our Commercial Clients

What Makes The Perfect Pot Planter

Commercial Pots and Planters is 100% Australian owned and operated, and we take the time to ensure all of our staff members are trained in the best industry practices and have the experience to guide you to the best quality products and outcomes for your client. We focus on building long lasting relationships within the industry – we aren’t about one-off sales. Our team is focussed on providing you with quality service and a long lasting impression.

Glass reinforced planters are popular particularly with developers and landscapers looking for a product that has the stability of concrete yet is much lighter and much more flexible through the addition of fibreglass. GRC is a stone product made from multiple elements including mainly layered fibreglass and stone. It is versatile, and can be made into custom shapes utilising your specifications. 

There are plenty of benefits to using glass reinforced concrete planters, with the overall reason being that it is environmentally friendly. Whether your development or landscaping project is straightforward and simple or bold and ambitious, Glass Reinforced Concrete planters is the modern and attractive product to use. 

We have a large range that makes us stand out from all other commercial pots suppliers. With sizes, shapes and colours that suit everything from apartment complexes and shopping centres to new luxury developments, you’ll find everything you need in one place.Our lead times are unbeatable. Pre-made pots and planters tend to be in stock and can be delivered Australia wide. Orders take around 2 weeks for in stock items while custom design products take 7 – 12 weeks depending on production times. 

Our pots and planters are produced with a high attention to detail by experienced tradespeople which ensures your planter exceeds your expectations. With over 25 years experience in supplying commercial grade pots and planters, if you aren’t sure what you need, our friendly and professional team can offer you insights and advice on your next commercial project.